Our assortment of homemade pies will make your mouth water. There’s so much variety and each pie is completely unique and absolutely delicious.

Fruit Pies

Double Crust Apple

American as it gets.

Apple Crumb

Just as American, with crumb on top instead of a top crust.

Apple Cranberry

Decadence in chocolate form, exquisite dark chocolate in every form

Apple Blueberry

Chocolate layers of cake and mousse, covered in chocolate ganache

Apple Cherry

Yellow cake with white frosting, topped with fresh raspberries


Apples, Peaches, Blueberries, Cranberries, and Strawberries.

Coconut Custard



Always stuffed with Jersey Blues right from our farm.

Sugar-Free Apple

Ricotta Pies

Ricotta Pie

We make a variety of ricotta pies, as shown here on this page.

Pumpkin Ricotta

Blueberry Ricotta

Peach & Blueberry Ricotta

Pear Tart

An entirely different crust than our other selections, ricotta, topped with delicious pears.

Pineapple Ricotta

Savory Pies


Pecan w/Cranberry & Orange

Sweet Potato



Sicilian Meat Pie

Tomato pie

Sausage Fritatta

Asparagus Quiche

The Red Barn Farm, Cafe, & Pie Shop