A Short History

Nestled in the heart of New Jersey’s Pinelands is a 120 year old red barn that once housed a multitude of farm stock, and later served as a packing house for tomatoes, peaches, apples and an assortment of other Jersey produce now silently stands and welcomes the traveler. It seemed destined for destruction with a need for more functional farming digs, so the old red edifice was jacked up and journeyed across Route 206 hoping it would now retire its timbers.

Not a chance!!!

Grandchildren and great grandchildren of the amazing old farmer from Sicily tapped into its personality and enhanced its warmth and welcome that is now its character. The Red Barn has grown from what was once a small farm market, to a bustling cafe, bakery, farm market, and greenhouse.

Recognizeable from a distance by its historical windmill, The Red Barn Cafe is a favorite stop of commuters, those headed for a weekend at the shore, and local residents of South Jersey.